mermix-online sharing machinery space

Project detail:

mermix is an online machinery sharing space that is supported and hosted by EN. mermix vision is to create a more productive agricultural sector in which the machinery can be fully exploited. We want to meet the farmers’ needs and serve them effectively. The main purpose is to provide them online, better quality services and tools, with less capital investment but more fast and easy collaboration among them. We need to help them understand that Sharing means Growing. For EN, mermix will be the intermediary way of expanding our business into something we love and care about, and at the same time we will be able to enjoy the privileges that mermix will provide, economically or socially. Our mission is to improve the agricultural world by connecting farmers. This connection will lead to more effectively and productive way of developing their practices on the field, enjoying the benefits of being members of a sharing community, social, environmental or economic ones.

Additional information: